The Conservatory Project: 2023-2024

We are growing! Now in winter, too! Welcome to the Conservatory Project: 2023-2024!

Our Vision:

To convert an existing production greenhouse, located adjacent to the garden, into a year-round Conservatory, open to the public.

The Conservatory will serve to display the Landcraft Garden Foundation’s extensive tropical and sub-tropical plant collection. This unique assembly of plants will enhance the Foundation’s ability to teach horticulture to a large group of people including aspiring green-industry students, professionals, and the general public. This new space will also allow us to schedule workshops and events sheltered from inclement weather, and will extend the Foundation’s season into the winter months.

We’ve started preliminary construction with the generous and much appreciated support from:

North Fork Side by Side

The Wechsler Foundation

New York State Economic Development Fund

We still have a long way to go and NEED YOUR HELP!