Past Workshops

Honey Harvest at Landcraft Garden

DATE: Saturday, Sept 4th 2021
TIME: 10:30am – 12:00pm
PRESENTED BY: Chris Kelly – Educator & Master Beekeeper (Promised Land Apiaries)

Distinguished by unique and varied pollinator paths throughout expansive display gardens as well as ten acres of native meadows of plants and wildlife, Landcraft Garden Foundation is an ideal setting to learn about the importance of the Honeybee as the “little self-sacrificial servant” in the broader symbiotic relationship between plant and bee life. Bees play a vital role as pollinators in every aspect of nature’s constant dance. They contribute to complex, interconnected ecosystems that allow a diverse number of different plant and animal species to coexist. Using Landcraft’s very own bee colonies and pollinator heavy gardens, Master Beekeeper and Cornell trained entomologist, Chris Kelly, will teach participants how to better understand the importance of the bee, as well as how gardeners and wildlife lovers alike can contribute to their prosperity in our very own backyards. In addition to his informative walk & talk, Kelly will demonstrate his hands on approach to beekeeping, capped off with a demonstration on harvesting honey straight from the source. Come join us for a special closeup of the honeybee – learn the basics of how, why and what we do to establish a hive – then taste for yourself the wonder of raw, unfiltered honey.

The workshop is open to 24 participants.  Participants will receive a small jar of Bee & Dee Landcraft Honey to take home!

TICKET COST:  $20 member/$35 non-member/$15 Children ages 5-12
REGISTRATION: Register & purchase tickets on Eventbrite
AGES:  5+
WEATHER: Rain or Shine (Honey Harvest will occur in our greenhouses in case of rain)

Seeing the Beauty of Plants: Botanical Drawing with Rebecca Allan

DATE:    Saturday, August 7th
TIME:    10:00am-3:30pm
PRESENTED BY: Rebecca Allan – Painter and Horticulturist
Distinguished by its collections of unique and varied plants and trees, in expansive display gardens and greenhouses, Landcraft Environments is a wonderful setting to bring together the study of drawing with horticulture. This one-day workshop engages participants in the practice of observing and documenting a variety of plants in the gardens. Experienced horticulturist and artist Rebecca Allan will demonstrate techniques of drawing with pencil and ink, observing the form, habit, and patterns on various specimens. Come join us for a special opportunity in art and horticulture. The workshop is open to 15 participants (18+).  Materials provided.  Workshop, coffee and boxed lunch generously sponsored by an anonymous donor.

TICKET COST:  $90 member/$100 non-member
ENROLLMENT:  4 Min – 15 Max
AGE:  18+
WEATHER:  Rain or shine.  If rain, workshop to be held in Glass Greenhouse

SPECIAL NOTES:  Morning Coffee, light snacks and a boxed lunch to be provided… Please select your lunch preference on Eventbrite for special dietary requests, at checkout.  Bring your own water bottle for filling at our filling station, or purchase a refillable bottle in our gift shop.  Comfortable shoes, sunscreen, bugspray and a sun hat or sunglasses recommended.